Some days I sit and wonder where did the day go? I mean I remember waking up. I remember feeding the kids, picking up, surfing the net or social networks may be texting but that’s about it. What happened to the rest of my day?

This happens more often then I care for it to happen. It’s frustrating since it brings the feelings of a day wasted. Where nothing was accomplished, I mean this is how I see it. I may be wrong but it’s just a feeling I don’t like.

This may be because of my medication or my mental illness but by golly, I wish it did not occur. I don’t even know how many times in a week it occurs and much less how many times in a month. Just wish I had a way of working around it or a way of catching it before the day’s slips away.

This just adds to my frustration, anxiety, and depression. Then it makes me feel like a bad mom since my kids are learning these things from me. It’s bad enough they already have their own mental issues don’t need to add my bad habits from mine to theirs.

Just needed to vent this so that I can let these thoughts go in hopes of being productive today. Be blessed and remember we got this!


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